Tom Cruise sustained an apparent injury while performing a stunt for the upcoming “Mission: Impossible” sequel in London that left him limping and seemingly in pain.

In a video obtained by TMZ, the actor is harnessed to cables to keep him aloft, and can be seen leaping from the top of one building to another. However, Cruise appears to miss the mark and winds up slamming hard into the side of the building.

The video shows Cruise pulling himself up onto the top of the building and slowly limping away before collapsing, dropping to his knees. He then pulls himself up and limps some more, signalling to be pulled by wires back to the building from which he jumped. He is then escorted away by crew members, still limping.

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Cruise is no stranger to stunt work, having performed all manner of dangerous stunts in past “Mission: Impossible” flicks — including hanging onto the exterior of a jet plane as it took off. In fact, Cruise was recently spotted filming some high-octane “Mission: Impossible 6” stunts in Paris, including riding a motorcycle that crashes into a car and sends him flying into the air, and was also spotted parachuting from a plane in Oxfordshire.

The nature and extent of Cruise’s injuries aren’t known at this time. The photos below were taken during the apparently botched stunt:

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