This hasn’t exactly been a banner summer for Hollywood at the box office, which — with the exception of unstoppable blockbuster “Wonder Woman” and a few others — has largely been a summer of disappointments, with high-profile releases such as “Baywatch” “The Emoji Movie”, Luc Besson’s big-budget “Valerian” and the Stephen King adaptation “The Dark Tower” among the many flicks to flop.

This weekend, however, has brought some good news courtesy of a horror prequel that brought in more than twice what it cost to make: “Annabelle: Creation”, which topped the box office in its opening weekend with a domestic take of $35 million.

Made for just $15 million, the fourth film in the horror franchise (following “The Conjuring”, “The Conjuring 2” and “Annabelle”) may not save the summer for Hollywood, but it’s still good news for the studio that released it.

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“Annabelle is scary as hell,” Jeff Goldstein, distribution chief at Warner Bros., tells Variety. “And it’s exciting to see how broadly audiences enjoyed it. I think our marketing team did a fabulous job.”

Meanwhile, “Dunkirk” continues to show strength in its fourth weekend of release, with the Christopher Nolan-directed Second World War film taking second place by adding an additional $11.4 million to its hefty domestic gross, which has already exceeded $150 million (it’s earned more than $360 million worldwide, notes Forbes).

While “Spider-Man: Homecoming” demonstrated a sharp decline after its first weekend, the news from overseas is far better, with the latest Marvel movie topping $700 million at the international box office, while comedy “Girls Trip” is projected to exceed $100 million domestically — which is seen as an impressive number for an R-rated comedy with an all-female cast.

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