Louis Tomlinson Reveals That Time He Disappointed Simon Cowell

Louis Tomlinson’s slip up landed him in hot water with Simon Cowell.

The talented recording artist said he once got drunk before a One Direction concert during the band’s early days. When word got back to Cowell, Tomlinson was in trouble.

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Tomlinson, now 25, told BBC Radio 1’s Matt Edmonson how he was flown out to Los Angeles by Cowell after the incident. “I thought well I’ll just have a couple of beers and I ended up being really, really drunk on this show — one of the first things [One Direction] did,” the singer explained.

“I woke up to a text to find out that I was going to LA the next morning, flown out. I was sat on the plane thinking, ‘What is coming next?’ I landed at Simon’s and he gave me a little dressing down.”

The former One Direction star said the conversation “was positive, but it certainly felt like the scary Simon you see on TV!”

Tomlinson described Cowell’s tone as “that disappointed vibe… very calm.” But today, the singer credits that conversation for positively impacting his career.

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“If I hand’t have had that chat with Simon, then I don’t think we’d be as close as we are now,” Tomlinson insisted. “I do really feel like he’s got my back — I think it was vital for me as an individual and also our relationship.”

The One Direction heartthrob visited BBC Radio 1 to promote his new solo single “Back To You”.

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