Barack Obama’s Tweet Addressing Charlottesville Violence Earns Most ‘Likes’ In Social Media History

Let’s call it a tale of two tweets, one from a sitting president of the United States, the other from his predecessor. Both addressing the same subject, one tweet became engulfed in controversy, the other went on to become the most-liked Tweet in the history of social media.

In the first, President Donald Trump tweeted video from his press conference about the horror that erupted at a neo-Nazi rally in Charlottesville, Virginia, condemning violence “on many sides.” Ultimately, that did not go over well.

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On the other hand, Obama took a far different approach to addressing the events that took place in Virginia by tweeting a photo of himself with several children of varying ethnicities, along with a quote from the late Nelson Mandela:

Obama’s tweet has so far received more than 3.2 million “likes”, with Twitter confirming that it’s now the most-liked Tweet ever; in addition, with nearly 1.3 million retweets, Obama’s tweet is also Twitter’s fifth most-retweeted Tweet.

When it comes to likes, Obama’s tweet toppled the previous record-holder: Ariana Grande’s heart-wrenching response to the terrorist attack at her concert in Manchester, which has been liked more than 2.7 times.

As a result, the third most-liked tweet is Elle DeGeneres’ famed Oscar night selfie, with 2.4 million “likes.”

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