Rachel Bloom Reveals How Much She Earns For ‘Crazy Ex-Girlfriend’

There’s been much discussion in recent years about the disparity between the salaries earned by male and female stars, and Rachel Bloom is among the many women to open up about how much she makes, revealing her salary as star and creator of The CW’s “Crazy Ex-Girlfriend”.

Bloom, 30, spoke with website Wealthsimple as part of its “Money Diaries” series, and she candidly discusses her finances.

“I make about $50,000 or $60,000 for acting in an episode before taxes and paying my reps,” she says. “I know it’s absurd that I don’t know the exact figure but it’s because all of it comes in bulk and goes directly to a business manager.”

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There are other perks that keep her costs down, Bloom explains. “When I’m in production, I’m really not spending a lot of money because the food is free and I don’t have time to shop,” she adds. “I only realize how much I’m making later. Another thing that will also give me a chunk of change: a book deal that I just signed… I’m not going to say how much, but it was a lot. A lot, I’ll say that. I’m in shock. The money is fantastic! It’s amazing. It’s great.”

Things weren’t always so great, and Bloom reveals that she took a huge gamble when she spent $3,000 — “the bulk of my life savings” — to make her 2010 YouTube video “F**k Me, Ray Bradbury”.

Her risk paid off when the video went viral, ultimately contributing to help her land her TV writing jobs and, eventually, “Crazy Ex-Girlfriend” joining The CW’s lineup.

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“It’s had [more than 4 million] hits on YouTube, but I didn’t make it to make money,” says Bloom, who won the 2016 Golden Globe for Best Actress Performance in Musical or Comedy TV Series. “I made it because I wanted to be my own one-person sketch group. And that song has paid for itself back 30-times-fold.”

Admitting she doesn’t have “super-fancy tastes,” the one area in which she’ll indulge is travel.

“We recently went to French Polynesia, and that was expensive,” says Bloom. “I mean, we stayed at very nice places and flew business class, which I think was several thousand dollars. That was really special. We have a house, so as long as we’re paying our mortgage, that’s all I care about, you know?”

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