Demi Lovato Has An Empowering Anti-Bullying Discussion For We Rise Against Hate Tour

Demi Lovato is continuing her mission to speak out against bullying.

The “Sorry Not Sorry” singer joined Van Jones on his We Rise Against Hate Tour on Tuesday in Nashville, Tennessee, and spoke about her own experiences with being bullied at a young age. Lovato said that her mission is to show kids that bullying is not cool just because it’s accepted and normalized at school.

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“I remember being harassed online and through text messages, and I was verbally bullied rather than physically bullied. I had wished they were physically abusive instead of verbally abusive, just because of how mean they were being,” Lovato said.

“It just hurts to see so much pain and suffering that people are having to deal with. If you don’t use your voice, especially with the platform I have, you’re being a bystander. Bystanders are just as bad as the people causing this crisis.”

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Lovato, knowing what bullying feels like, wants to speak out against it so kids don’t have to go through what she did.

“I know what it’s like to be so depressed after being bullied that you have thoughts of suicide. I know what it’s like to harm yourself after that because you don’t feel like you fit in because of how mean people are being,” Lovato revealed. “When I had a platform to speak out against it, I wanted people to know that bullying’s not okay.”



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