‘Big Brother 19’ Cody and Elena Interview; ‘There Will Not Be A Live Proposal At The Finale’

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Einstein once defined insanity as doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results. While it’s unusual to hear Einstein quoted in the same context as “Big Brother”, it sums up the game of Cody Nickson, who speed walked out of the house for the second time in last night’s double eviction. It also perfectly encapsulates the “Big Brother 19” viewing experience, watching each week hoping for some excitement only to be met with the televisual equivalent of counting sheep (and there’s a lot of them in there to count!).

It’s hard to blame anyone for not wanting to spend time with his bunch of brain cell killers, but in a social game for $500,000 you have to be willing to feign interest in people no matter how dull or Matt and Raven-ish they are. Cody’s inability and outright refusal to integrate not only cost him his shot, but it also ruined the game for his girlfriend Jessica, who was evicted last week. With Jessica gone, it left Cody with no one but the furniture to talk to, although you’re more likely to get an intelligent conversation out of a side dresser than say Josh for example.

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Not that Cody is fully to blame for his demise, it’s hard to make headway when Paul is running the house with the brainwashing ability of Charles Manson with the beard to match. Anyone seen conversing with the ex-Marine was basically shunned from the group as if they’d contracted a deadly virus. The only move Cody was able to make this week came at the Veto competition when he convinced Elena Davies to steal $5,000 from Head of Household Alex, a move which essentially sent Elena out the door right after Cody.

For her part, Elena spent the majority of her time in the house playing too passively, hoping to skate by while the big targets took each other out. Unfortunately, being in a showmance with Mark meant that once team “Jody” was gone, “Malena (?)” was next on the chopping block. After Mark pulled off a clutch Veto win, the perpetual pawn became the transparent target, sending Elena to the jury house along with Cody. A harsh way to go, but at least it means no more toe-curling eviction speeches.

ET Canada caught up with both of last night’s evictees to get their thoughts on regrets, showmances, hating houseguests, and group think gameplay.

Photo: CBS Screengrab
Photo: CBS Screengrab

Hey Cody, here we are again. You had a second shot at this game but once again spent most of your time secluded from the other houseguests. Why couldn’t you get anything going in that house?

These people have been coming after me and Jessica since week one. With that being the case, there wasn’t a single room that I could enter where people wouldn’t disperse, and I would try to or attempt to talk to anybody about anything and they would push away because they didn’t want to be down the same hole with me and Jessica. But then over the time, I just dislike these people, and I wasn’t ready to be fake for an entire 90 days just to get $500,000. I just hate these people, so.

Last time we spoke you talked of how much you respected Alex, but last night you told her she’s playing a dirty game. What’s your overall opinion of Alex and her game now?

After Alex disrespected Jessica and insulted Jessica, I don’t care much for Alex at all. As far as her game, I just wanted to throw her under the bus at the last second; I figured Jessica would enjoy that – that was all I was trying to accomplish at the end there.

You also threw Jason under the bus in your final speech, what was the intention there? Just straight revenge or was their strategy behind it?

It was revenge for sure. If they don’t want to carry me along and also with Alex insulting Jessica, yeah I absolutely wanted to throw them under the bus. I basically saved Jason in this game right off the bat and not once, not with one vote or anything did he ever repay me.

You said you hate everyone in that house. What do you hate most about each person? Feel free to go through each houseguest and Zing them.

Mark – traitor.
Elena – traitor. Actually you know what, Mark and Elena, I don’t mind them personally. I don’t hate them, but I wish they would have stuck with me through the game.
Josh – it’s just obvious.
Kevin – I don’t want to say anything bad about an old guy.
Raven – her and Matt I just can’t stand their laughs. They’re the worst laughs in the world. And they turned their back on me so whatever.
Paul – cartoon character.
Alex – just dirty.
Jason – not a cowboy.

You let it slip to Julie Chen that you intend to marry Jessica. Was that just over-excitement in the moment or could we be seeing a live proposal at the finale?

There will not be a live proposal at the finale; I promise you that. During that Julie interview, I blacked out, and I was just saying the most honest damn truth thing in my mind at the time. I just want to throw that out there, Julie tricked me!

Photo: CBS Screengrab
Photo: CBS Screengrab

Hey Elena! Going home on a double eviction night is a painful way to go, do you think you’d have been nominated if you didn’t take that $5,000 from Alex, and if not, do you regret taking it now?

I don’t regret taking the 5K, one of my main motivations in taking it was knowing I was a clear target, especially a target for Alex. I truly believe that I would still be sitting here talking to you had I not taken the 5K, and if that was the case, all I’d be thinking is ‘shoot, I should have taken that 5K’. And I bet you right now Alex is making a hotdog and I’m laughing about it.

If you had won the HOH last night, who would you have nominated and why?

I would have nominated Alex and Josh I believe. I would have confirmed this with Mark, but I believe I would have nominated Alex and Josh with the intent to backdoor Paul with the veto.

It seems there is a lot of group-think going on in that house. Is that the way you saw things, and if so, why do you think people are so afraid to make a “big move”?

Absolutely – I think that the fact that we’ve had a house agenda to get Jess and Cody out has inspired the house group thinking to continue. I think people find the game easier when there’s a clear target and a clear house agenda. And the next easy thing to do was to make the small target on me and Mark’s back bigger and go after us rather than doing something that would have shifted the house, made people draw lines, make decisions, think strategically rather than get blood on their hands. I’m guilty in participating in that, but when the house agenda is clear… we haven’t done much game talk in the last four weeks, there hasn’t been much to discuss being that Cody was still in the house. So I was really hoping to get HOH this week and make some stuff happen. If anything I’m rooting for Mark now.

You got into a few arguments with Josh this past couple of weeks. What are your opinions on Josh and why did you guys clash so much?

It’s hard to answer this question without sounding mean, and part of me just wants to sound mean, and another part of me is remembering that tact is a thing and I should employ it. Josh often time doesn’t have any facts or intelligence to back up the noises that his face is making. So I’ll say it once, and I’ll say it a million times, it is impossible to have a rational conversation with an irrational human being. And Josh is an irrational human being. He’s just an obnoxious person. I truly believe he’ll make it far in this game just because he’s a non-issue and we liked to call him in the house a blob, and that’s irritating and frustrating.

Before leaving, Mark told you his feelings for you are real. What are your feelings toward Mark, is this a relationship you want to continue outside the house?

I have yet to share with Mark how I feel about him because I like to be 100% certain before I involve someone else’s feelings and can conclusively say I feel a certain way. There are a lot of things that I like about Mark, and he makes me feel special and beautiful and important, and I value that about him. Sometimes I think he’s even too good for me. But I also have concerns about moving forward with him, I’m a logical and rational thinking, and he lives in New York and I live in Texas, we started a romantic relationship in an environment that is not healthy for me to explore a relationship in. I’m absolutely open to seeing if there’s something there outside the Big Brother house though, and if there’s not, I feel pretty confident that we’ll have some form of relationship regardless even if it’s just a friendship.

“Big Brother” airs Sundays at 8 p.m., Wednesdays at 8 p.m., and Thursdays at 9 p.m., on Global.



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