A fun new engagement might be all the rave with Trekkies.

Terry Farrell, who played the joined Trill Jadzia Dax on “Star Trek: Deep Space Nine”, is now engaged to Adam Nimoy, television director and son of “Star Trek” legend Leonard Nimoy!

The out of this cosmos news was first broken by film critic and self-proclaimed Trekker Scott Mantz via Twitter.

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One fan questioned the validity of the news, teasing that Farrell, 53, and Nimoy’s, 61, child would be 1/16 Vulcan — a nod to Leonard Nimoy’s iconic Spock. Farrell confirmed the news, insisting the engagement had indeed happened!

The quick engagement may come as a surprise to some, as the two space-bound lovebirds were first reported dating earlier this month.

Adam’s dad Leonard passed away in 2015 and it was revealed one year later that the director was working on a documentary to memorialize his father. “When I originally approached my dad about making the documentary it was just going to be Spock-centric all the way, from beginning to end,” Adam Nimoy told People in July 2016.

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“After my dad died there was such an outpouring of emotion,” he continued. “Not only for Spock but the loss of Leonard Nimoy the artist and renaissance man. It became clear when I decided to continue on with the project that it had to include my dad’s life as well.”

A Kickstarter to raise funds for the documentary met and surpassed its $600,000 goal by more than $62,000.

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