When Taylor Swift’s website and and social media accounts mysteriously went dark on Friday, the immediate fear was that she’d been the victim of hackers.

However, a sleuthing Reddit user thinks there’s something more to it than that, and points to a series of clues indicating Swift may have hidden the title of her upcoming album in code.

Sharp-eyed Reddit user row 101 claims to have found a javascript code on the site (which has apparently since been removed), that outputs a strange grouping of letters: uibut xibu uifz epou tff.

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By subtracting 1 from each letter (the letter u, for example, would be come t, the letter that comes before it in the alphabet), the seemingly random gibberish now spells out actual words: “thats what they dont see.”

Does this mean “That’s What They Don’t See” is the title of Swift’s upcoming sixth album, or possibly the name of a new single — or a complete hoax perpetrated on fans?

That remains to be seen, but the theory is certainly causing excitement among Swift’s fans, who’ve offered some wild reactions on social media: