Foo Fighters Pull Off The Best Rickroll Ever By Pranking An Entire Music Festival

Attendees of the Foo Fighters show at this weekend’s Summer Sonic Festival in Tokyo knew they’d be experiencing some high-octane rock, but little did they know they’d also be subjected to one of the most epic pranks in music history — and luckily it was captured on video (above).

“Ladies and gentlemen,” Grohl intoned solemnly, “would you please welcome our new best friend: Rick Astley.”

After a quick hug, Grohl added: “This is f**king crazy. i just met him two minutes ago.”

With that, Astley grabbed a mic and, in his best heavy-metal scream, yelled: “C’mon you motherf**kers!”

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With that, Grohl and the band (after they had stopped laughing), launched into Astley’s “Never Gonna Give You Up”, delivering an exceptionally rockin’ rendition of the 1987 hit that spawned what is arguably the Internet’s most enduring meme.

That’s right: Rick Astley and Foo Fighters just Rickrolled an entire music festival.

That’s not the first time that Grohl and co. have demonstrated their expertise at Rickrolling. Back in 2015, the band Rickrolled a protest by the infamous hate-spewing Westboro Baptist Church, which gained notoriety for its anti-gay rhetoric and slogan “God hates f**s”. Watch:

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