‘Game Of Thrones’ Finale Preview Teases A Face-Off For The Ages

In case you thought the last “Game of Thrones” episode wasn’t epic enough, the finale is shaping up to be a real stunner.

The teaser for Sunday’s season finale doesn’t give away much, but shots showing all sides’ forces gathering at King’s Landing should have you excited to see what will certainly be one of the biggest character meetings in the show’s history.

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The last scene in the preview gives a glimpse of that meeting, with Cersei and Jon coming together in the ruins of an old arena. Tyrion and Jaime are there, too. No sign of Dany, though. Everyone is looking at each other suspiciously, and then Jon warns, “There’s only one war that matters, and it is here.”

It doesn’t get much more suspenseful than that, and given the fate of Westeros is at hand, the epic finale—which will run an incredible 81 minutes—is sure to whet appetites for the show’s final season and the war with the Night King.



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