Chicago Weatherman Brought To Tears By Solar Eclipse, And Twitter Loves It

Throughout history, a total eclipse of the sun was viewed with terror and awe, and was typically seen as an awful omen that foretold bad news, such as the death of a monarch.

Monday’s solar eclipse, however, may not have inspired the horror it did in ancient times, but for some it was no less emotional.

That was certainly the case for Chicago weatherman Tom Skilling of WGN, who found himself overcome with emotion while reporting on the rare occurrence.

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“We’ve been told people start sobbing, and for some it’s just a life-changing event,” Skilling told viewers of the eclipse during his live report.

“And we may start doing that too,” he added, his voice breaking as he choked back tears of joy.

“I’ll get my act together, guys,” continued Skilling through his sobs. “Sorry about this.”

When he returned to continue his broadcast, the emotions did not let up.

Skilling’s emotional moment didn’t go unnoticed in the Twitterverse, with numerous Twitter users commenting lovingly on his unfiltered enthusiasm, even causing the hashtag #TomSkilling to trend on Twitter


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