Justin Bieber Confronts Paparazzo Who Cussed Him Out: ‘That Was Really, Really Mean’

When Justin Bieber encountered a foul-mouthed paparazzo who had launched an Z-rated string of profanity at him, did he take the opportunity to confront the guy and tear a strip off him?

No, he did not. Indicating The Biebs is serious about turning over a new leaf and leaving his bad-boy behaviour in the past, when the Canadian pop phenom ran into the same photographer he instead calmly questioned him about why he was so “mean.”

In a video obtained by TMZ, the shutterbug explains he was ticked off because Bieber accidentally ran over another photographer — a friend of his — when he was driving away from church a few weeks back.

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“You were yelling such profanities,” Bieber says in a calm, even tone of voice. “It was really, really mean.”

The paparazzo apologizes and explains he was “emotional” because his “good friend got run over, you know.”

But Bieber counters that argument. “If that was your friend, then you weren’t making the situation better… next time, rather than saying such profanity and mean stuff, just try to help the situation. If that was your friend, you would have been on the ground helping him.”

His message delivered, Bieber ends things by giving the photog a zen-like fist bump. You can watch the entire exchange right here.

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