Isn’t John Cena just the best? That was a rhetorical question, because obviously he is.

The inspirational wrestler — who previously teamed up with Cricket Wireless to prank some of his fans — recently had the tables turned on him by admirers whose lives he’s changed through his message of “Never Give Up.”

The 40-year-old WWE star sat down to film a Cricket commercial and read thank you cards from some of his fans — including one young man who nearly died after getting hit by a car, a man who slipped into a depression after losing his parents, and a woman who was inspired by Cena to never give up in her efforts to adopt a daughter — but what he didn’t know was that everyone who wrote him letters were actually backstage, watching him read them aloud.

Cena was visibly moved by the touching messages, and was choking back tears as he watched a video message from a young boy named Tyler, whose mother was diagnosed with breast cancer.

As Tyler tearfully recounted his story of how Cena’s “Never Give Up” motto inspired him and his mom on their darkest days and helped her battle cancer into remission, Cena could hardly hold back his emotions.

As the wrestler teared up, Tyler and his mom came out to surprise him in person. They both hugged Cena as more and more of his fans came out to share their appreciation in person. Cena embraced and spoke with the group of devoted fans, and they presented him with a special “Life Changer” trophy.

“Just remember that you guys do the work,” a teary-eyed Cena said, holding the meaningful award. “Don’t think that you’re the only one who’s up against it, and don’t think you’re the only one who [has] challenges to face every day. You all lead by example, and I mean it when I say it: Don’t ever give up.”

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