‘Sesame Street’ Parodies ‘Despacito’ With Song About Rubber Duckies

“Despacito” has been dominating the radio all summer, and now the muppets at “Sesame Street” have gotten in on the sensation with their own parody.

In the hands of “Sesame Street”, the Spanish language mega-hit becomes “El Patito”, which translates to rubber duckie.

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And who better to sing about rubber duckies than Ernie? Bert seems annoyed by the song the whole time, but like the rest of us who’ve heard “Despacito” a million times, even he has to admit the song is catchy.

“Sesame Street” is no stranger to parodies of popular culture, and the Luis Fonsi and Daddy Yankee smash is a ripe target. Past parodies have included “Orange is the New Black” and “True Detective”.

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