Watch: Mimi Bouchard On Sam Thompson Fling And Body Shaming On ‘Made In Chelsea: Ibiza’

“Made in Chelsea” reality star Mimi Bouchard has opened up to ET Canada about her summer fling with cast-mate and “Celebrity Big Brother” star Sam Thompson, which resulted in his ex Tiffany Watson body shaming her!

Watson is under fire online after labelling Bouchard, 23-year-old tennis star Genie Bouchard’s younger cousin, a “dumpling” and telling the Canadian to “go back to where you came from” on Monday night’s installment of the Ibiza spin-off series!

The 21-year-old told ET Canada Watson lacked the “maturity” to tackle the difficult love triangle and criticized her choice of words when it came to her weight.

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Explaining to us exclusively: “It’s 2017, who is body shaming still, it’s not right.”

“You say what feels right in the moment for you either to make yourself feel better in a situation or to put someone else down, but you can’t control anybody and that’s one big thing I’ve learned from the TV world,” she reveals. “You can’t control what people say.”

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Mimi has uploaded a video to her Instagram explaining how body shaming can be dangerous:

(Accidentally deleted the video 😞 so here it is again. Go so many amazing messages from girls that can relate to this subject. Love you all!) Hi everyone ❤️ I really wanted to use this platform of mine to shine some light on body shaming. I know a lot of you following me are young girls.. and that is exactly why I filmed this video. Sometimes when you're feeling insecure it's easy to talk negatively about others, or "tease" others, to make yourself feel better. I'm sure we've all done it in our weakest moments! But teasing somebody (especially knowing they will hear what you say) about their height, weight & appearance is really messed up. You don't know how your words can effect someone else. Be the bigger person, and also work on yourself enough to not let comments from unimportant people effect you massively. I know it's tough, but you always have a decision to either reject or allow someone's words to effect you. You're YOU and that is your power. ❤️ Isn't body shaming SO last year? 😂 (also- lighting in my new flat is best in the bathroom lol)

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While Watson has explained herself on Twitter saying: “Definitely do not agree with or condone body shaming but in the heat of the moment we all say things out of anger. X”

Bouchard also explained that her fling with Watson’s ex Sam Thompson spiralled while the pair lived together on the island and advised him to cool things off with his new “Celebrity Big Brother” love interest Amelia Lily saying: “He was in a relationship for so long and if I were him, I think being single and really finding who you are as a person is quite important. So maybe for right now, I mean, I don’t know the situation with him and Amelia but maybe he’d be great single for a while.”



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