Tyrese Gibson is thankful for his family and fans as he recovers from surgery.

The “Fate of the Furious” star shared a pic from the hospital to Instagram on Monday, where he’s sweetly hugged by his daughter after undergoing an unknown procedure.

“By my side…….. My Amazing wife and Daughter has been by my side every step of the way,” the 38-year-old actor wrote. “When it comes down to the real stuff no one is ever there but family.”

“Father God I thank you for your extended grace and mercy 3 hour surgery I made it through,” he continued. “I was in the middle of my procedure during the eclipse, I hope one day I figure out exactly what that meant….. I appreciate your prayers and energy, God has a way of sometimes forcing us to slow down…. When I get up? I feel like I’m about to change the world…….. #PrayerWarriors I feel your love…… thank you!”

Gibson, wearing a mask, took to Instagram to share an update on his health in a series of videos. In the videos, Gibson revealed he was suffering from a deviated septum that was causing a lack of oxygen to enter his body and he needed surgery as a result.

“Whenever I deal with something that’s challenging, that’s crazy … when I get to the other side of it, I just like to give people a heads up,” Gibson started his video. “Between snoring, if you sleep 8-10 hours at night, and you wake up in the morning and you still feel tired, it’s because the oxygen hadn’t been able to go all the way to your brain and that can cut your life short, so I handled it,” he revealed.