Watch This Toddler Take Over The News Desk, Literally

A British news anchor got a little more than he bargained for when a toddler decided to take over his news desk in the middle of an interview.

Veteran journalist Alastair Stewart was talking to Lucy Wronka on ITV News about how to help doctors spot symptoms from milk allergies in babies and toddlers, and she brought along her own kids George and Iris.

While George remained a well-behaved little boy, Iris struck out on her own with one simple goal in mind: climb on top of that big desk.

It took some doing, but Iris finally got there and claimed the desk for her own. Amazingly, Stewart kept the interview chugging right along as Iris played about, and as the show ended he even gave her a high-five for a job well done.

Viewers at home were equally impressed, both with Iris, and with Stewart for maintaining his composure.

Stewart, ever the professional, thanked everyone on Twitter for all the compliments.

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