TV shows these days are seriously lacking in the theme song department, so Michael Bolton teamed up with some of his musician friends to write some for this year’s Emmy-nominated dramas.

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In the video, made by the Honest Trailers crew, Bolton arrives to help craft the retro-styled theme songs. Natasha Bedingfield sings a song about “Stranger Things” in the style of her hit “Unwritten” (used as the theme for “The Hills”) while Brian Cole does a “Cheers”-inspired theme song for “This Is Us”, poking fun at the way the show makes viewers cry each episode. Paul Cole shows up to adapt her own famous theme song from “Dawson’s Creek” to the decidedly darker “The Handmaid’s Tale”.

Finally, Bolton himself takes on his favourite show, “Game of Thrones”, even though it wasn’t actually eligible for the Emmys this year. Bolton throws in reference after reference to the show as the actors each get their own spot in the parody credits. But, of course, with so many actors, the song just keeps on going and going, to the point that Bolton starts singing about how there are just too many names.

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This isn’t the first time Bolton has sung music about entertainment properties he loves. Who can forget his appearance on the Lonely Island song “Jack Sparrow”, all about his love of the “Pirates of the Caribbean” films?