Amazon Studios and Lionsgate have released the first trailer for Richard Linklater’s new movie “Last Flag Flying”; the clip sees Steve Carell and Bryan Cranston picking up Laurence Fishburne for a bittersweet road trip.

The film is set in 2003 and follows the reunion of three Vietnam War veterans brought back together due to a tragic event. As seen in the trailer, the son of Carell’s character has been killed in the Iraq War, and rather than have him buried at Arlington Cemetery, he recruits his old military pals to help transport the casket to New Hampshire.

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The trailer begins with Carell and Cranston taking a car ride. “You know what amazes me about you?” Carrell asks. “Could be anything. I’m a pretty amazing guy,” Cranston quips, playing the wise-cracker of the group.

“You turn the keys to your bar over to the guy who’s asleep on your pool table. And then you jump in your car and you drive me to hell and gone, and you don’t even know where we’re going,” Carell answers.

The pair arrive at a church, where Fishburne’s character is now a pastor. “I haven’t seen these men in decades,” he pleads with his wife. “They represent a dark period in my life.”

But soon Fishburne is accompanying his veteran brothers on their mission, bickering and battling from the back seat as they make their way across the country.

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While the subject matter is heavy, and also quite timely, the trailer conveys a bittersweet humour and engaging camaraderie, lifted by what appear to be extremely strong performances from the three leading actors.

Linklater, who received an Oscar nomination for his 2014 movie “Boyhood”, co-wrote the film with Darryl Poniscan, on whose novel the film is based. The story is a sequel to “The Last Detail”, the 1973 comedy-drama directed by Hal Ashby and starring Jack Nicholson, Randy Quaid and Otis Young.

“Last Flag Flying” will have its world premiere at the New York Film Festival on Sept. 28. It will then open in select theatres Nov. 3.

Watch the trailer above.