Jamie Oliver Fires Back At Gordon Ramsay For Calling Him ‘Fat’

Jamie Oliver has some strong words for fellow chef Gordon Ramsay.

Earlier this year, during a week-long stint hosting ITV’s “The Nightly Show”, Ramsay took to attacking Oliver, calling him “fat” and a “one-pot-wonder.”

Now Oliver is finally responding. In an interview with The Sun, the 42-year-old chef says, “All my friends and people I work with in TV were very p***** off for me.”

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“But it’s a bit like going to see someone you love who has dementia who keeps forgetting and then doesn’t remember what they’ve said,” Oliver continued. “It doesn’t bother me anymore, but it was a lot, he hasn’t texted to apologize, I don’t know if he does emotion like that.”

Oliver also says he’s not sure why Ramsay would even go after him in the first place. “I don’t think he can be jealous of me because no British chef has cracked American TV like Gordon has or smashed it on TV,” he says. “He’s killing it, but we’re different. I was doing TV years before him, so maybe five years ago it would have bothered me and I may have responded. But he’s got four kids and I’ve got five kids and I don’t want to be slagging off some kids’ dad on telly. It’s not nice.”

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