Arnold Schwarzenegger had high praise for Danny DeVito, calling his one-time “Twins” co-star “a good man” in a Reddit comment to an emotional story.

In the post, a Reddit user recounts being 13 years old at a ski resort. At the time, he was being abused at school, and unable to discuss it with his parents. He describes riding on ski lift with a fellow skier, who had a scarf covering his face, who noticed the boy was upset and encouraged him to talk about it.

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“He was the first person who had really noticed the pain I was feeling,” he wrote, adding that the encouragement the stranger gave him “saved my life.” It wasn’t until they reached the top of the mountain that he saw the man joined by Rhea Perlman (whom he recognized from “Cheers”) and realized that the man he’d been speaking with was Danny DeVito.

“Danny DeVito saw my misery, talked to me like a real human being, and helped me see that I would survive these horrible events,” he added. “I will always remember what he did for me.”

The story was greeted by several comments, with one of them coming from Schwarzenegger (who had used the same handle, GovSchwarzenegger, in previous Reddit AMAs).

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“Danny is a good man (one of the best), and I know he will love to hear that some of his advice helped you become a great man, although I can tell you always had it in you,” wrote the former California governor. “I’m going to send this to him so he can see it.”

Meanwhile, Schwarzenegger is likely to reunite with DeVito on a long-awaited sequel to “Twins”, which has been rumoured to go into production later this year. If it happens, their characters will be joined by a third brother, played by Eddie Murphy, in “Triplets”.

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