Ashley Tisdale Pleads For Artist Unity Following Taylor Swift’s Potential Diss Track

Ashley Tisdale is preaching love just two days after Taylor Swift’s new release “Look What You Made Me Do”.

Tisdale, 32, tweeted her feelings on Saturday, “Music is supposed to bring us together. It’s supposed to unite us. When we have artists targeting each other for the sake of controversy the art suffers.”

Many have suggested Swift’s new song is a continuation of her bitter and well-documented feud with rapper Kanye West and reality superstar Kim Kardashian. The “High School Musical” star insisted her series of tweets were not directed at any one person, despite the peculiar timing. “And I’m not talking about one person, I’m talking about the music in general.”

At least one user defended Swift’s potential diss track, but Tisdale doubled down that she was not addressing the “Shake It Off” singer.

Another follower teased the multi-talented entertainer, telling her: “Sorry gal, this ain’t Disney World.” Tisdale promptly and respectively replied. “It doesn’t have to be,” she told the fan. “When I listen to music it helps me with whatever I’m going through, but if I’m listening to a song that I know is about another artist it completely takes me out of that.”

“If I’m going through issues I want to feel like that artist understands. But when that artist is purely making it about themselves how are we supposed to relate?”

Maybe “music” is a euphemism for the grade-A level trash talk between Conor McGregor and Floyd Mayweather ahead of Saturday’s money fight. But probably not.

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