Floyd Mayweather talks about the status of his friendship with Justin Bieber.

The five-division boxing world champion has grown distant from fellow moneymaker Bieber, but he wishes Canada’s resident bad boy no ill will. “Justin Bieber is at a point… he’s in a place right now…he’s focused,” Mayweather told Hollywood Unlocked. The “Friends” singer was a big supporter of The Money Team, but that relationship reportedly soured.

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“He’s focused on church. He’s focused on his new team. He’s focused on the lord and only thing I can do is give him the utmost respect,” Mayweather continued. “To each his own. I’m not here to be negative and talk bad anyone. The reason why [is] ’cause I’m blessed way beyond belief. I don’t wanna talk bad about nobody.”

The undefeated boxing superstar said he had nothing but love for Bieber and that his attention was focused on an entirely different beast. “If I ain’t got nothing positive to say, I got nothing to say at all. The reason why is this, my beef is with Conor McGregor,” he stated. “My beef is not with somebody that’s a pop star. I love Justin Bieber and I’m gonna always wish him nothing but the best.”

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In a separate interview with award winning Canadian journalist Ariel Helwani, for MMAFighting.com, “Money” Mayweather doubled down on the topic at his very own strip club.

Mayweather, 49-0, will meet UFC champion Conor McGregor, 0-0 as a boxer, on Saturday night it what may possibly break the all-time boxing PPV record previously held by Mayweather vs. Pacquaio.