Corinne Olympios jumped into the arms of DeMario Jackson on Wednesday night (August 30) when the pair ran into each other outside of Nightingale Plaza in Los Angeles.

The happy reunion, which was captured by TMZ, was somewhat of a surprise given the recent drama surrounding the “Bachelor In Paradise” stars. Corinne and DeMario were at the centre of controversy when Corinne claimed she had no recollection of their hookup during the filming of the hit reality-show. The claim led to an alleged sexual misconduct investigation after a producer filed a complaint.

The investigation caused production to temporarily shut down while the matter was resolved. Warner Bros. later concluded that Corinne was lucid during the entire sexual encounter and no charges were filed against the show or DeMario. Production resumed, and both Corinne and DeMario exited the series.

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But after last night’s reunion, it looks like there are no bitter feelings between the former reality-tv contestants. The pair kissed and made up, hugging and smiling as they did so. “We never had bad blood, okay?” Corinne told the paparazzi and onlookers.

At one point, DeMario is heard saying, “My PR is gonna hate this in the morning”, suggesting the make-up session is not good for publicity.

“Bachelor In Paradise” is currently airing its fourth season on City TV.