Kate Winslet Says Filming Her TIFF Survival Film ‘The Mountain Between Us’ Was More Difficult Than ‘The Revenant’

Kate Winslet has filmed in some challenging conditions, but nothing compares to her new survival drama, “The Mountain Between Us”.

She spent hours in a water tank with her co-star and pal Leonardo DiCaprio in “Titanic”, but, even that didn’t compare to her new film which will premiere at the Toronto International Film Festival in September. Despite the tough film shoot, the 41-year-old Oscar-winning actress says she was up for the challenge.

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“I did ‘Titanic’, dude! Falls through ice – no problem! Plane crash, boat sinks – no biggie!” she tells People.

In the film, Winslet and Idris Elba play a pair of strangers who are stranded on a mountaintop following a plane crash. When they realize no one is coming to their rescue, they embark on a perilous journey in search of civilization.

Winslet is quite proud of surviving “The Mountain Between Us”. The remote filming location in the Canadian Rockies involved the cast and crew being helicoptered onto the set in frigid conditions.

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“We weren’t ready for how hard those environments were to actually work in,” says Winslet. “I’ve heard Leo say similar things about ‘The Revenant’. We had quite a lot of crew who were from that film, and they did go so far as to say that ‘this is tougher,’ which we were quite proud of.”

“The Mountain Between Us” premieres at TIFF on Sept. 9 before opening in theatres on Oct. 6.

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