Fifty years after playing newlyweds in “Barefoot In The Park”, Jane Fonda says she still can’t get enough of her on-screen sex scenes with co-star Robert Redford.

The pair once again team up for “Our Souls At Night”, a romance about a pair of neighbours who unexpectedly fall in love late in life. At the press conference for the movie at the Venice Film Festival, Fonda, 79, let it be known that  Redford was still a good kisser all these years later.

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“I live for sex scenes with him. He’s a great kisser,” she says. “So what was fun, to kiss him in my 20s and then to kiss him again in my almost 80s.”

But it seems Redford, 81, lacks the same enthusiasm for when it comes to making love on-screen. “He doesn’t like sex scenes,” Fonda chided. But her co-star says the chance to star opposite Fonda was the reason he signed on for “Our Souls At Night”, which comes to Netflix Sept. 29.

“I was looking to do another film with Jane and we had done films together for 47 years and I wanted to do another film with her before I died,” he says.

“I just love the fact that these films bookend our careers, you know, that we played that young love, just getting married and now we played old people’s love and old people’s sex,” Fonda says of “Barefoot In The Park” and their latest romance.

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In Venice, Redford and Fonda discussed the way love changes with age. For the actress, romantic love is only getting better with age.

“I think it gets better because first of all we’re braver. What the heck do we have to lose? You know, so my skin sags. So does his. I know what my body needs, you know?” she asks.  “You know your body better and so you’re not afraid to ask for what you need and so I think on a love and sexual level it gets better.”