Tom Hiddleston Earns Rave Reviews For ‘Hamlet’ Portrayal

Tom Hiddleston has received rave reviews for such performances as trickster god Loki in the “Thor” movies and for his work on TV miniseries “The Night Manager”, and now the British heartthrob is burning up the stage with a critically acclaimed performance as the brooding prince of Denmark in a new production of Shakespeare’s “Hamlet”.

Produced by London’s Royal Academy of Dramatic Arts, the production of “Hamlet” is directed by Sir Kenneth Branagh, who also directed Hiddleston in “Thor”.

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The Telegraph described Hiddleston’s performance as “proactive, masculine, edgy to the point of aggression — and definitely, absolutely sane. His madness is a ruse, through and through. Having decided to ‘be mad by craft,’ he appears wrapped in the flag of Denmark with his face painted in the national colours, like a hardcore football fan.”

Tickets to “Hamlet” are tough to find, as the production runs just three weeks, in a theatre that seats only 160, and tickets were sold through an online ballot. And since there are no plans to record the performance, attending the show in person will be the only way to see Hiddleston as Hamlet.

Fans who were lucky enough to land tickets to Friday night’s opening performance took to social media to praise the production.

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