Prince Jackson Can’t Sing Or Dance Like Michael Jackson, But He Wants To Help The World

Prince Jackson may not have inherited his father’s musical talents, but he wants to follow the King of Pop’s example and make the world a better place.

Sitting down with “This Morning with Phillip and Holly”, the 20-year-old son of Michael Jackson was honest about his abilities. “I can’t sing, I can’t dance, I can’t do any of that,” he told the British program. “I’ve tried it [the Moonwalk] and it’s embarrassing, we can’t even talk about that.”

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But that doesn’t mean Prince has been sitting around doing nothing. The young man is running the very appropriately named production company, King’s Son. “I’m a very private person in my private life and I don’t like to reveal to the public things that aren’t appropriate,” Prince continued. “I decided to go into production because it’s still in the entertainment industry but behind the camera.”

Perhaps the most important way in which Prince can continue his father’s legacy is through charitable work. Prince runs Heal the World, a foundation named after his dad’s 1992 song. “We focus on child hunger, child abuse and homelessness in the Los Angeles area,” he explained.

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“We really structured it off of ‘Heal the World’ but on a smaller scale to lead by example to say you don’t have to be a pop star or be very famous to make a difference. You can make a difference by going out and doing these things by yourself or with a group of friends in your own city.”

And like many kids with famous parents, Prince didn’t quite grasp the significance of Michael’s celebrity at first. “I thought it was normal at first but then we saw videos of him performing,” he admitted. “People were fainting. One time we were outside the Dorchester and lots of people were shouting and chanting his name and my dad sent out pizza and hot chocolate to them.”

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