Madonna Is Madonna, But FedEx Won’t Believe Her: ‘Been Arguing With FedEx All Week’

If you thought celebrities get everything handed to them, think twice.

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Madonna’s expression was less than amused in an admittedly amusing tweet on Tuesday. The innovative singer posted a photo of herself on social media, explaining how FedEx had been withholding a package from her because they don’t believe she is who she says she is.

Apparently all the “Hung Up” singer had to do, however, was hang up the phone and hit up Twitter. Half an hour after Madonna’s tweet, a representative from FedEx reached out to the singer to help expedite the delivery.

Perhaps Madonna’s constant reinvention is throwing the people over at FedEx off. Or perhaps the complications involve the Grammy-winner’s recent and seemingly abrupt move to Portugal.

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Madonna revealed on Saturday she had moved from the U.S. for Lisbon, Portugual. The singer fell in love with the country years ago and told fans on Instagram, “the energy of Portugal is so inspiring… I feel very creative and alive here.”

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