Bat Dad: Video Of Irish Dad Hilariously Trying To Capture Bat With A Towel Goes Viral

A dad in Ireland has become a viral video sensation after his hilarious attempts to catch a bat that somehow flew into his home was posted on Facebook, where it’s been viewed more than 880,000 times — and counting.

Tadhg Fleming took the video and offers wry commentary as his father, Derry, tries to catch the errant bat with a tea towel. Having no luck, he switches to a larger towel, vainly trying to capture the bat as it flies around the house.

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At one point, Fleming offers his father a bit of encouragement. “You’re tiring him out. He’s like McGregor, he’s got no legs left,” he says, referencing Conor McGregor’s recent loss to Floyd Mayweather Jr.

At one point, the family dog makes a cameo in the middle of the attempted bat capture — but just to pee on the kitchen floor in the midst of the chaos, because why not?

You can watch the batty hilarity unfold right here:






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