Priyanka Chopra On Combating Racism In Hollywood: ‘We Need To Stand Up’

Despite her global star power, Priyanka Chopra reveals she still struggles with getting cast for certain roles in Hollywood because of the colour of her skin.

Speaking with ET Canada’s Sangita Patel at a pre-festival kickoff party for the 2017 Toronto International Film Festival, called The TIFF Soiree, the 35-year-old actress explains how she has dealt with the issue of race.

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“I wasn’t cast in a movie because they had to write a storyline explaining why an American would be Indian,” Chopra explains. “Even though you might be the best person for the job – just because of the colour of [your] skin, you don’t get cast.”

Revealing her interest in breaking those barriers, Chopra says, “I want to kick down some doors,” adding, “I think we need to stand up, fight for our right and not settle anymore and not be okay with the little parts. Yeah, we might not get too many; yeah, we might have to create the content for ourselves; but, we’re okay to do it!”

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A vocal feminist, Chopra is currently in Toronto celebrating Share Her Journey, a TIFF initiative created to provide more opportunities to women in front and behind the camera. Revealing which female director she would love to collaborate with, Chopra says, “Sofia Coppola. I met her recently, and she has such a great perspective as a woman.”

Taking control of her own on-screen roles, Chopra is set to star in season three of her hit television show, “Quantico”. “I’m really excited because it’s taking on a whole new revamp this year,” she explains. “It’s going to be a complete departure from what we’ve seen in season two, so I’m excited about it.”



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