Sir Patrick Stewart And Thomas Middleditch Embroiled In Epic Instagram Battle

Not too many people are aware that Sir Patrick Stewart is close friends with Thomas Middleditch, so it’s no wonder social media users were left a little confused as the pair became embroiled in an epic Instagram trolling battle this week.

Calling him by the name “Middleb***h,” Stewart randomly kicked things off yesterday by sharing a photograph of the Canadian actor wide-eyed and mid-car wash.

As followers immediately began to point out how hilarious the post was, this seemed to spur Stewart on more, as he went on to share an array of photographs showing Middleditch tending to different, and extremely random, situations, with incredible captions to match.

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Lower Middlebitch, lower.

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Not one to take such comments lying down, it didn’t take long for Middleditch to share his own photoshopped snaps, with him referring to Stewart as “Fatrick Poowart”.

Responding for the first time last night, the “Silicon Valley” star told him to “keep his chin up” because “it wouldn’t be long now,” with him adding the hashtag: “#ialsoknowhowtophotoshop.”

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*mic drop*

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Fans found the whole thing amusing, but admitted they “weren’t sure what on earth was going on,” as Patrick even posted a photo of Middleditch giving him a massage, urging him to “go lower”.

This certainly isn’t the first time the duo have publicly slammed one another, with Middleditch previously saying on “Conan” that Stewart had “used him as a social lifeline one time at a weird Hollywood event”.


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