‘Big Brother 19’ Jason and Raven Interview; ‘I Am Dumbfounded Right Now’

“Big Brother” is back on Global! Each week ET Canada will be interviewing the latest houseguest evicted from the house.

Let’s start with the big announcement Julie Chen made at the end of last night’s double eviction episode because it’s more interesting than anything happening on this current season. “Celebrity Big Brother” is launching in the US for the first time ever and will premiere sometime this winter. That means viewers better get used to seeing Gary Busey in a unitard and hearing the words “Head of Household Snooki”. The timing of the announcement almost seems like CBS themselves are trying to distract from the soul-sucking “Big Brother 19” which continues to trudge along to a seemingly non-existent finish-line.

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If you need further example of what CBS thinks of this current season then just look back at what they put the houseguests through this week. It included a Veto Competition where the players were literally slapped across the face with a rubber hand and kicked up the ass by a comically giant boot. Then to add insult to injury, comedian Bobby Moynihan was sent into the house to mock the houseguests behind their backs while upstaging them in the Diary Room. Bobby pointed out what most fans have been saying all season; these people are idiots for not taking out Paul way back at the start.

The brainwashing has reached such a critical level now that this week Paul convinced every houseguest to throw a foot-race HOH competition to broken-footed Christmas. He then made sure Christmas and Josh got all the blood on their hands for nominating and evicting Jason. As if that wasn’t enough, he somehow persuaded Alex not to target the pair that just evicted her ride-or-die and was able to send Raven packing during the double elimination instead. Earlier in the week, for a brief moment at least, it looked like Josh had cottoned onto Paul’s tactics, but then he played right into the veteran’s games come eviction night, dashing any hopes of a “Meatball” uprising.

ET Canada caught up with the two recent evictees, Jason and Raven, to get their thoughts on the game, betrayals, and what exactly Rough Kneecap Syndrome entails.

Photo: CBS Screengrab
Photo: CBS Screengrab

Hey, Jason. The vote last night obviously blindsided you. What do you think happened and who do you hold accountable?

I absolutely was 100% blindsided by the vote and I hold Paul 100% accountable. There’s nothing in that house that he doesn’t know about. He makes it his job and duty to pin everyone down, talk to them and pull out their dirty little secrets. Everybody wants to be on Paul’s team because he’s done this before and he’s got good insight. So, they divulge all their information to him and he uses it against them when he sees fit. I guess you can say it’s because he’s that dang good at the game.

You looked heated when you left the house. Have you calmed down? Or are there still bitter feelings?

Yeah, I’ve calmed down. I was mad, and if I could have done what I wanted to do, it would be an entirely different conversation right now. I was mad, but I wasn’t going to use foul language, and I wasn’t going to use brute force. It’s one of those things where, it’s intelligence where I fell short there. As mad as I was in the moment, I was more mad at the fact that I couldn’t hang in that crowd. I’m not cut from that type of cloth or caliber of lead. I just had to throw my hands up. As bad as I wanted to win, I was thankful that I made it as far as I did. Even some of the other houseguests, I couldn’t even hold a conversation with 98% of them because I’m out of touch. I don’t understand electronics. I can barely work my phone. I’m in a physical world all day long. I don’t just talk people to death with big words and knowledge without actually doing. I’m actually quite the opposite. I was super mad when I left the house. And 20-year-old Jason wanted to bar fight right there, but 38-year-old Jason was like you know what dummy, you were ill-prepared and you’re not like them. So, I’m calm, and I’m not going to hold a grudge.

In his goodbye message, Josh confessed to voting for you and admitted he was going along with Paul’s plan. Yet in Paul’s message, he said he didn’t vote for you. What do you think is going on there? Who do you think is lying?

Paul’s definitely lying! But why would he lie in his goodbye message? Oh my God. That means it’s Tiger [Alex] and Josh. Holy s**t! I am dumbfounded right now at this very moment. I didn’t really hear Paul’s goodbye message because I just knew that he was 100% at fault. Now I’m completely speechless. It’s definitely Josh that’s lying then because he admitted to me that he’s a super fan. He must play dumb really well. I’m gonna just go ahead and say, if Paul said that in his goodbye message, then it was probably Josh. Paul did have a weird look on his face when I called him counterfeit and he asked me if I was going to say anything when I was leaving. I guess that kind of makes sense now. I’m just gonna go with Josh is the one that’s lying and he’s trying to throw Paul under the bus. Now I’m a flip flopper because I don’t know what to think.

Alex was obviously your ride or die in the house. Did you plan on going all the way to the Final Two with her? And what was the path there, what was your strategy for the remaining two weeks?

Yeah, I was planning on going all the way to the end with her because I honestly didn’t feel like between her, myself and Paul, that anyone could get between us. I was really practicing on the mental stuff. I was going over that in my head like crazy over the last two weeks. The plan was, if it was physical, we’re all players. If it was mental, we’re all players. And whoever won, would pick the other. And I would have executed that plan with no problem. If I won, I was always going to pick Alex and if she won, she was always going to pick me. I absolutely, 100 % never ever questioned going to the end with Alex. Apparently, this was her plan the whole time to eventually evict me. I don’t know….

You had a good friendship with Kevin, but we also saw you bad mouth him when in conversations with Alex and Paul? What do you really think of Kevin?

The only reason I was badmouthing Kevin was because if I acted like I wasn’t believing what they say, then they would turn around and tell me I’m being blindsided, I’m not paying attention. They almost took it personal when I didn’t agree with what they were trying to say. I didn’t want to go against my team. When two people are saying, this is the way it is you don’t want them to question your loyalty or competency, you kind of have to agree.

My gut was always that I don’t think [Kevin’s] a bad guy. Yeah, he does some pain-in-the-ass stuff, but who in the house doesn’t? They were never going to exhaust the subject until they won. And by winning, I mean until I was like “yup, Kevin’s gotta go.” They even went as far as baiting him. They were trying to get him to freak out, so I could believe them and you know what, he did. He lost his damn mind, and I got off the fence. But how I really feel about Kevin: I hope my gut’s right. I hope he is what he says he is and is not totally full of s**t. I still hope that’s correct. So, they divulge all their information to him, and he uses it against them when he sees fit. I guess you can say it’s because he’s that dang good at the game.

Photo: CBS Screengrab
Photo: CBS Screengrab

Hey, Raven. When Alex put you on the block against Kevin, did you expect you’d be the target? Did you have any conversations in the time between the Veto Comp and the eviction?

I did have some conversations with Josh and Christmas. They were short. Josh said I was golden, but I couldn’t really get a response from Christmas. So, I kind of mentally prepared for it. I started thinking I might be a goner. Even though Paul kept saying “you’re fine, you’re fine,” I still had that gut feeling like oh no, you’re about to meet Julie.

You spent most of the season kind of in your own world with Matt. What was your overall strategy and plan to make it to the Final Two?

My strategy was working with Matthew and Paul. We agreed to keep our distance from each other and not let the house know we were working together. Matthew and I knew everything that was going on in the house. There was not one thing that went down in that house that we didn’t know about. We were well informed, and we knew what was going on. We worked with Christmas and Josh. At one point, we worked with Alex and Jason. We worked with a lot of people. It was our strategy to seem like we were in our own little world, but in reality, we knew exactly what was going on. We were very social players.

Speaking of Matt, do you plan to continue that relationship outside of the game?

I knew this was coming. Yes, Matthew and I have talked about it. We definitely want to continue to see each other outside of the house. We just clicked. We agree on a lot of things. He always looked at me like I was cake. We just fell for each other. We were connected and attached at the hip since day three. So yes, I’m definitely planning on going to DC, and he is definitely planning on coming to Arkansas, so we’ll see where it goes.

Can you describe what Rough Kneecap Syndrome is?

So basically, my knee needs to be shaved down. It’s rough. It kind of catches sometimes and causes pain and discomfort. I need to get it shaved down, but I’ve been procrastinating. It’s not fun. I’m a dancer, so I don’t want to get knee surgery. It’s on the back burner, but definitely something I need to take care of eventually.

“Big Brother” airs Sundays at 8 p.m., Wednesdays at 8 p.m., and Thursdays at 9 p.m., on Global.

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