Kenny Chesney’s vacation home in the U.S. Virgin Islands has been utterly decimated, with the country star phoning in to chat with CNN’s Robin Meade on Friday morning and revealing his home is “just simply gone.”

Describing the storm as “biblical in nature,” Chesney spoke to Meade about the destruction of the home (where he and ex-wife Renee Zellweger were married), opening up about the devastation that hit the Caribbean.

“That place and the people mean so much more to me than my house. I’ve always felt that music was medicine,” he explained, adding that he has launched a new relief foundation, Love for Love City.

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Chesney shared some photos of the immense property damage on social media, urging his fans to help those who’ve lost everything in the storm, asking that they first “give us a few days to figure this out.”

“I’m gonna do everything that I possibly can to try to relieve some stress from people that I’ve really grown to love over the years, who have meant so much to my life. This place, these islands, have meant so much to me,” Chesney added.

“They’ve shaped me as a human being. It’s given me creativity. It’s given me a different way to look at the world, a different window to see the world through. And when you look through that window right now, as you can tell, it’s just devastation. It’s really odd to see such a beautiful place look like a war zone.”

You can watch his via-telephone interview with CNN below: