Colin Mochrie Talks Hosting ‘All You Need Is Love’ Fundraiser In Support Of Transgender Daughter

It’s a famous Beatles song – released 50 years ago – with a simple message that still holds true today: all you need is love. For comedian Colin Mochrie and his wife Debra McGrath, those five words have shaped their new venture.

The family of three joined ET Canada’s Sangita Patel during TIFF to talk about the upcoming event in support of their daughter Kinley and other LGTBQ youth.

“It’s a fundraiser for ‘Rainbow Camp’ which is just outside of Sault St. Marie, for LGTBQ youth,” says Debra. “A lot of them are facing different challenges [and] maybe weren’t accepted like Kinley was.”

Back in January, Colin sent out a tweet in support of Kinley (born Luke Mochrie), asking why some people can’t accept transgender people. What he didn’t expect was the flood of praise from fans – earning him thousands of new followers.

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The “Whose Line Is It Anyway?” star says the U.S. presidential inauguration also prompted the tweet. Earlier this year, Colin and Kinley joined Sangita in studio to talk about the idea of a transgender military ban.

“It’s insane,” he says. “Especially [for] these people who have given to their country and given this service, to be dissed this way is a huge slap in the face.”

The “All You Need is Love” fundraiser is a reminder of the importance of allowing people to be their genuine selves in a safe environment.

The event will be held on Sunday, Sept. 10 at 2 p.m. on The Second City Mainstage. The family-friendly show will feature performances by stars of the stage and screen including Matt Baram (The Beaverton), Gavin Crawford (Because News), Katherine Greenwood (Women Fully Clothed), and many more.

Tickets are $30 and available online.

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