The Chainsmokers Get Cooked For Allegedly Making Racist Dog Joke In China

The Chainsmokers performed at the Ultra festival in China, but they didn’t endear themselves to everyone.

EDM duo Alex Pall and Drew Taggart posted a promo of their visit to the country and it featured an inappropriate joke at the expense of people of Asian descent.

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In the now deleted video captured by Buzzfeed, Pall jokes to a reporter about his pet dog. “During tours do you bring your dog along with you?” the reporter asked. “I try to, but she’s like really ill behaved,” Pall replied.

“I mean if she could come anywhere,” he continues before dropping a bomb. “Well, I don’t know if I’d bring her to China,” he cracked up.

The Chainsmokers were immediately lit up by fiery fans on social media.

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The Chainsmokers clarified the meaning behind Pall’s comment and apologized for offending anyone.

But another group is also facing backlash as a result of the EDM group’s comment. South Korean pop sensations BTS recently collaborated with The Chainsmokers on a song off their upcoming album “Love Yourself: Her” and people are reportedly cancelling their pre-orders over Pall’s comments.

Several fans online are pleading for people to not punish BTS for their collaborators’ insensitive words.

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