Billie Lourd talks to Ellen DeGeneres about the past, present and future on Tuesday’s episode of “The Ellen DeGeneres Show”.

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It is the first time the “Scream Queens” star and the daytime talk show host have crossed paths in years. “I met you when you were a tiny, little baby,” DeGeneres tells Lourd. “Billie’s mom was Carrie Fisher,” the host continues to a screeching cheer from the audience. “Carrie Fisher was one of our favourite guests here.”

Lourd, 25, opens up to DeGeneres about the impossible-to-deal-with circumstances of losing her mom and her grandmother, Debbie Reynolds, in two consecutive days. “It’s completely surreal. I mean, there’s no way to really explain it,” the young actress says. “It’s really hard to talk about.”

“If I say that I’m doing good, then I’m ‘too happy’ and if I say I’m not doing good then I’m ‘a mess.'”

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Lourd also dishes on how meeting writer Ryan Murphy led to her breakout role on “Scream Queens” and teases her starring role in “American Horror Story: Cult”.