Hillary Clinton Takes Aim At ‘Today Show’ Anchor Matt Lauer In New Memoir

Former U.S. Presidential candidate Hillary Clinton holds little back in her new memoir What Happened.

Clinton, 69, grilled “Today Show” anchor Matt Lauer for his attitude during NBC’s “Commander in Chief Forum” last September. The former First Lady described Lauer’s line of questioning as “disappointing but predictable.”

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The forum marked the first time Clinton and Trump organized for a political conversation, but the talking points quickly drifted from the national security and foreign policy that were scheduled to be discussed.

Lauer questioned Clinton about the FBI investigation against her and after Clinton responded, Lauer persisted with the off-topic questioning. “Now I was ticked off,” Clinton wrote in her memoir. “NBC knew exactly what it was doing here. The network was treating this like an episode of ‘The Apprentice’, in which Trump stars and ratings soar. Lauer had turned what should have been a serious discussion into a pointless ambush. What a waste of time.”

“I can’t say I didn’t fantasize about shaking some sense into Lauer while I was out there,” she added. Clinton also took shots at Lauer’s NBC coworker Chuck Todd, who criticized Clinton for being “over-prepared” on “Meet the Press”.

“I’m not sure how that’s possible – can you be too prepared for something so important? Does Chuck ever show up for ‘Meet the Press’ and just wing it?” she asked. As a matter of fact, Clinton says Trump “was perhaps the least prepared man in history,” in comparison.

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“Can you hear my palm slapping my forehead?” Clinton wrote. “Sometimes it seems like Trump didn’t even want to be president at all.”

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