Kate Hudson Slammed For Describing C-Section As ‘The Laziest Thing I’ve Ever Done’

Trying to be funny in magazine interviews can sometimes backfire when hapless celebrities make a joke that others find offensive, which is where Kate Hudson finds herself thanks to some comments she made in a questionnaire she filled out for Cosmopolitan.

Hudson appears on the cover of Cosmo‘s October issue, which she shared on Instagram.

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The feature contains the “Almost Famous” star’s written responses to various questions, such as “The last photo I took on my phone,” but it was the answer to “The laziest thing I’ve ever done” that really raised eyebrows when she responded: “Have a C-section!”

Clearly Hudson was trying to be amusing, but what she wound up doing was ticking off numerous women who have also had C-sections — not, however, because of laziness, but typically because natural childbirth would have proven too dangerous for mother and child.

Naturally, social media was flooded with outraged comments such as these:

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