The Bachelor is back and this time it’s coming to Canada. Brad Smith is a 29-year-old former football player who “totally scored”; as The Bachelor Canada’s first ever Bachelor. Before 25 beautiful Canadian women throw themselves at him next week, Brad’s in the ET Canada studio getting grilled by Roz Weston.

Getting right to the point, has Brad found “the one?”; Unable to answer the question with a “yes”; or a “no,”; Brad simply says: “I’m in a lot of things right now.”;

On the topic of the sheer amount of “intimate scenes”; in the popular primetime show, Brad says “seeing past seasons, I didn’t want to be the make-out bandit,”; teasing that out of 25 women he made out with “a respectable number, and I don’t mean like football, like “yeah man, respect’…”;

Speaking of respect, Brad answered questions concerning Bachelor constant Bianca Kamber’s past relationship with Kim Kardashian’s estranged husband Kris Humphries like a pro. “You know what? Everyone has a back story”; Brad says, adding “it’s not her fault she dated a guy who ended up being portrayed as what he is in the media.”;

And the question you’re all wondering about, is that a tear we all saw in The Bachelor Canada promo? “I didn’t cry… Victoria essentially was just devastatingly over-pollenated,”; Brad says jokingly. “Oh yeah, I cried… pretty badly… and in the promo, it’s the movie single tear.”;

Watch Brad look for love on The Bachelor Canada, premiering October 3.