Jim Gaffigan Posts Photo Of Wife 5 Months After Brain Surgery

Jeannie Gaffigan looks like a million bucks five months after undergoing major brain surgery!

Comedian Jim Gaffigan shared a photo of his unbelievable wife on social media. “Almost five months after brain surgery,” Gaffigan captioned the picture of his sweetheart. “The incredible Jeannie Gaffigan.”

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Almost 5 months after brain surgery. The incredible @jeanniegaffigan

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The “Super Troopers” actor told ET Canada his wife is operating at “80 per cent energy” at the Toronto International Film Festival. “We’re out of the woods, but it’s still one of those things where she’s not one hundred per cent,” he explained.

Jeannie, 47, was diagnosed with a benign brain tumour in April 2017. She endured several months of headaches and dizziness, only going to the doctor once she started losing her hearing. The tumour was the size of an apple and had likely been growing for more than a year. A surgeon successfully removed the tumour following a nine-hour operation in New York City.

Three months after her surgery, Jeannie wrote an essay for People in July. “Recovery has been long and slow, and patience is not one of my virtues, but not a minute goes by when I am not counting my blessings,” she wrote. “My love for my [five children] which seemed boundless before has multiplied a thousand fold as has my love for Jim.”

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“The marriage vow ‘in sickness and in health’ became more than just words, and I am inspired every day by the strength and courage of the man who held everything together through this hurricane brought on by the brain tumour,” she continued.

“I dodged a bullet and my life will never be the same. Don’t wait for the hurricane to hang on to your family and friends and to find the blessings and the glory in every detail. Do it now.”



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