LIVESTREAM: Glenn Close Shares TIFF Spotlight With Her Daughter In ‘The Wife’

Glenn Close is stepping out on the red carpet at TIFF and she’s bringing along her daughter Annie Starke for the ride!

The pair team up in Close’s latest film “The Wife”, which follows the story of aspiring writer Joan and the events that led to her husband’s Nobel Prize for Literature.

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Close stars as Joan in her later years, who accompanies her husband, famed author Joe Castleman played by Jonathan Pryce, to Stockholm to accept his Nobel Prize in literature. As soon as the couple step onto the plane they bond together to avoid unwanted guests (in the form of nosy biographer Christian Slater) and pushy photographers who hearken back to Joe’s past indiscretions. As the couple’s trip soldiers on, the more the audience gets the feeling that something isn’t right with this picture perfect couple.

Close’s daughter Starke plays the younger Joan in the film, an aspiring writer on the brink of finding her voice who catches the eye of a young, talented professor. As the two storylines start to meld, the more attention is thrust on Joe’s acclaimed career and long-kept secrets find their way to light.

Join us LIVE for the red carpet TIFF premiere on Thursday, Sept. 14 at 5:30 p.m. ET and send us your questions for the cast below!



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