Simon Cowell’s new boy band is PRETTYMUCH here with their new music video.

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The visuals for their debut single “Would You Mind” premiered worldwide on Friday. The stylish quintet stars: Austin Porter, 19, Brandon Arreaga, 17, Edwin Honoret, 18, Nick Mara, 19, and Zion Kuwonu, 18.

“Being in the group is one of the sickest things ever,” Kuwonu says to kick off the video. “It’s a good vibe to be in this band.” The video concludes with a black screen that reads: “To be continued…”

“Would You Mind”‘s music video features all the staple boy band tropes, such as group dance numbers in the rain and flashy costume changes. The boy band promoted the music video’s release with a shout out to their fans on Instagram.

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The Los Angeles-based group is quickly developing a following online.