Meet The Rock Star Nuns That Could Be Nominated For A Latin Grammy Award

The 11 sisters of rock band Siervas insist they are not rock stars, but their fans may disagree.

Siervas is a band born in a Peruvian covenant and comprises of 11 nuns from eight different countries. Their music has attracted attention all over the world and the band even has two CDs to their credit.

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Performing songs of love and faith, Siervas music has been viewed over a million times on YouTube. Travelling from the Peru, in South America, all the way to Southern California for a Spanish-language Catholic music festival, the band drew a crowd of 4,000 people as the headlining act — per the Associated Press.

Now, the band is eagerly waiting to find out if they will be nominated on Wednesday for a Latin Grammy. “Modern times have modern music,” said Sister Monica Nobl, a 40-year-old vocalist. “Pop-rock music is a kind of music we’ve heard all or lives. We grew up with that kind of music, so it’s also just natural to use it.”

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“We think this music, or this genre, resonates with young people today,” added Sister Andrea Garcia, a composer and vocalist from Argentina. “Our goal is that through the melodies, our lyrics will reach people.”

The Twitterverse cannot get enough of  the band since discovering the 11 nuns of Siervas.

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