Fox News Host Tucker Carlson Blasts Issa Rae For ‘Rooting For Everybody Black’ At Emmy Awards

Actress Issa Rae’s support for black actors and creators at the 2017 Emmys rubs Fox News host Tucker Carlson the wrong way.

The “Tucker Carlson Tonight” host criticized the “Insecure” star for saying “I’m rooting for everybody black” at Sunday’s Emmy Awards. Carlson was also less than pleased with Donald Glover thanking U.S. President Donald Trump for “making black people number one on the most-oppressed list.”

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“Those comments didn’t seem to raise an eyebrow, but of course they didn’t,” Carlson said on Monday. “It’s 2017, and so we’re used to open race hostility from the left… The entire show was like that,” he added. “It came closer to political indoctrination than entertainment.”

Award-winning researcher Wendy Osefo, a guest on Carlson’s show, defended Rae’s statement. “She’s saying that she wants to see individuals win and have a diverse background when it comes to Emmys,” Osefo explained. “And yesterday, we saw that.”

“I just think it’s a divisive habit of thought,” Carson retorted. “I think looking at the world like that gets you to civil war, actually. I think you should look at people first as individuals. What did this person do? What does he believe? What has he achieved?”

“And as soon as you see people as indistinguishable from their anybody else in their same group, that’s when you really start hating each other.”

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This year’s Emmy Awards featured multiple first-time moments for actors of various diversities. “Master of None” star Lena Waithe became the first black woman to win a comedy writing Emmy.

Furthermore, Sterling K. Brown was the first black actor to win the lead drama award in 19 years and the multi-talented Riz Ahmed became the first Muslim and South-Asian man to win an acting Emmy.

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