‘Malcolm In The Middle’ Star Frankie Muniz Broke His Back: ‘I Have The Body Of A 71-Year-Old’

Former child star-turned-recent “Dancing with the Stars” competitor Frankie Muniz has a tough road ahead of him in the competition.

Muniz, 31, revealed on Monday’s premiere of the celebrity dance-off that he broke his back in a severe race car accident. “I had a crash and broke my back and injured my hands and ribs,” Muniz told his dance partner Witney Carson.

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The actor later elaborated on how the injury has changed his life. “I think we talk about my injuries every day because I have a creaky, old body. I’m 31 but feel like I have the creaky, old body of a 71-year-old,” the actor told People“But I’m doing whatever it takes to take care of my body so I can continue dancing.”

Muniz considers himself an athlete and so the damage to his back has impeded on a big aspect of his life. “I’ve raced Indy cars, I’ve played every sport, I consider myself a pretty athletic person, but I’m so sore. I’m so dead. I’m in the sauna, I’m icing,” he explained. “Everything that I’m doing every minute of the day is to make me a better dancer in this competition and make it to the end.”

Despite the longterm hurdles ahead of him, Muniz is optimistic: “I’m so scared to dance in front of people. I didn’t even know if I could dance, but now that I’m doing it I don’t want to stop any time soon. I’m having the time of my life.”

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And it does not look like his dance partner is concerned either. “This guy is amazing,” said Carson, 23. “He’s so hard working and wants to do the best that he can. We’re having a blast.”

Muniz and Carson placed in the top half of the scoreboard on the season 25 premiere of “DWTS”.

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