Canada’s own Mac DeMarco’s anticipated collaboration with The Flaming Lips is not a sure thing.

DeMarco, 27, exclusively tells that Flaming Lips’ frontman Wayne Coyne got a little trigger happy when announcing a split EP featuring covers of both artists’ songs. “We talked a little about doing it, but I never confirmed anything,” DeMarco confesses prior to his concert at the Vogue Theatre in Vancouver.

“So he is going nuts, covering a lot of my songs. I haven’t actually done anything yet and I don’t have time to, so we’ll see if it actually ends up happening… but maybe at some point it will work out,” DeMarco quips about how Coyne “kind of jumped the gun on that one.”

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A standout track from his critically acclaimed third album “This Old Dog” is the introspective opening track “My Old Man”. In it, DeMarco sings about his alcoholic father: “Uh-oh, looks like I’m seeing more of my old man in me.”

DeMarco uses music to keep himself in line when behaving too much like his dad. “My way is to write songs about it. It’s more of a motif for me, where it’s like ‘this guy is not a great guy, he’s my dad, but he’s done some pretty shady s**t,'” the Edmonton-native explains. “Anytime I’m stepping out of line, it’s like ‘keep it real.’”

The subject is one DeMarco does not want to blow out of proportion, telling us, “I’m not trying to crucify the guy.”

When asked if the tour life makes it harder to stay in line, DeMarco shares a sobering thought. “I do that stuff all the time. I think my health is the only thing that impedes me,” he admits. “I don’t know. I’m an alcoholic, so sue me.”

“I know when to reel it in, so long as the shows aren’t completely suffering,” he insists before adding, “I’m at the point now where I need it or else I’m not going to be able to play. Maybe it is a big problem, it probably is.”

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Melissa Bahrami
Melissa Bahrami

DeMarco also expresses how he stays humble and grounded when performing for large crowds of adoring fans. “I’m not like a tall, sexy, supermodel rock star guy,” he chuckles. “I’m like a balding, pudgy, stinky… I think one of the reasons  people like me is because people are like ‘that guy looks like me’ or maybe it’s some kind of humbling factor.”

And despite his sense of humour online, the “Pepperoni Playboy” is not a big fan of social media. “I think the way kids quantify their worth with likes is all such horse crap,” DeMarco says. “Especially a lot of people that weren’t around pre-Internet are kind of tricked these days into doing grass roots marketing for advertising companies.”

“People are being deceived and their minds are being warped and they aren’t developing social skills. It’s just really disgusting.”

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