Halle Berry and co-star Pedro Pascal tell ET Canada’s Carlos Bustamante they had a blast filming “Kingsman: The Golden Circle”.

“I was really excited,” Pascal says. “I came into the process a little early and was developing the role of Agent Whiskey with [director] Matthew Vaughan through a pretty arduous process of auditioning for the part really. And then, get to the finish line and at that point, Halle’s involved, Julianne Moore, Jeff Bridges, Channing Tatum. It was like embarrassment of riches, and then I got nervous.”

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The action-packed sequel leaves the Kingsman’s Golden Circle — including Eggsy, played by Taron Egerton — to discover an allied spy agency in the U.S. and they must band together to defeat a common enemy: a villain played by Julianne Moore.

Pascal and Berry had a lot of fun on the set, particularly when it came to filming scenes with whips.

“Definitely the most fun would be the whip,” Pascal explains. “[Halle] can understand, as Catwoman. Once you start cracking that thing, it’s like crack. It’s very addictive and it’s real fun to crack that whip.”

Berry had laughs at her co-star Pascal’s expense, however: “The most fun I had was watching him be handcuffed to a mechanical bull… He was stuck to it. Didn’t have the use of his hands and he had to ride this mechanical bull.”

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Unfortunately for the rest of us, the scene didn’t make the film’s final cut. But Berry thinks it’s too funny to stay hidden forever.

“They are going to see it on DVD. I’m sure Matthew is going to bring this comedy to the screen,” she says.

Off-screen, Berry is opening up about her personal life, confirming her relationship with British music producer Alex da Kid on Instagram. On Tuesday, she posted a sweet pic of the two of them together, simply captioning it, “My balance.”


“Kingsman: The Golden Circle” opens in theatres on Sept 22.