Netflix Pulls Children’s Cartoon After Parent Spots Hidden Drawing Of Penis In Episode

A sharp-eyed parent spotted a not-so-wholesome image in an animated children’s show her child was watching on Netflix, and her observation has reportedly led the U.S.-based streaming service to pull the episode from its lineup.

According to The Mirror, concerned mom Chey Robinson was watching an episode of “Maya the Bee” when she spotted a bit of “naughty graffiti” on a log, which appeared to be adorned with a drawing of a penis.

As The Mirror reports, Chey took to Facebook to point out what she had seen (the Facebook post has apparently since been deleted).

“Please be mindful of what your kids are watching!! I did NOT edit any images whatsoever, this is Maya The Bee, Season 1, Episode 35,” wrote Jackson, according to The Mirror, adding a screenshot in which a crude drawing of male genitalia is visible on the interior of a hollowed-out log.

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“I know I’m not going crazy and i know that something like this shouldn’t be in a kids’ show whatsoever. I’m extremely disgusted by it, there should be no reason my kids have to see something like this,” she continued. “I don’t know if they’re gonna do something about this or what but there’s no reasons why this should be in this show.”

Originally aired in 2012, “Maya the Bee” is based on a series of children’s books, and is only distributed by Netflix, which didn’t produce the series.

Meanwhile, Variety is reporting that Netflix has pulled the offending episode, but “has yet to make a statement about the penis’ presence or the removal of the episode.”

In addition, notes Variety, Netflix “didn’t immediately respond to a request for comment,” and it’s unclear whether the scene will be edited and the episode made available to stream again.

The production staff of “Maya the Bee” have since released an apology calling the offensive image a “very bad joke,” “An absolutely inappropriate image has been discovered in a four-second fly-by scene in one episode of the total 78 episodes of the series,” said Studio 100 in a statement. “The origin of this image obviously results from a very bad joke from one of the 150 artists working on the production.”

“This is indeed unacceptable to the Studio 100 Group as owner of the brand and all it partners and doesn’t reflect the quality of its work and its values,” the statement continues. “Legal action has already been started. Studio 100 very much regrets this incident and would like to offer its sincere apologies to all ‘Maya the Bee’ fans. At this same time, the company is taking all suitable technical measures to remedy the situation.”

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